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Senior Science

Course: Senior Science 2 Unit

What will I be doing in the course?

The course is designed to provide a broad understanding of Science and its application.  The Preliminary course focuses on skill development and consolidation of the basic principles of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth and Environment science.  This is achieved by investigating water for living, plants, humans at work and a local ecosystem. The HSC course also covers a broad range of scientific concepts including lifestyle chemistry, medical technology and information systems.  One elective will be studied in the HSC year.

Students can enter Senior Science in Year 12 without having completed the Yr 11 Senior Science Course if they have completed either Yr 11 Biology, Chemistry or Physics and decide they no longer want to continue their studies in that course. This will need to be approved by the teacher and enrolment officer.

Career pathways?

This course provides an essential background to enable students to understand and appreciate the impact of Science on society.  The course is useful in planning for a wide range of careers e.g. infants, primary teaching, ecology.

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