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Bankstown Senior College (BSC) is a DEC secondary public school providing innovative alternatives through quality education.

The College is situated 24 km south west of the centre of Sydney and a short distance from Bankstown Station. It was established in 1991 to provide senior secondary education for students aged fifteen years of age or older. The College is one of only four "stand alone" senior high schools in the NSW public education system.

In 2008, it became the first public secondary school in Sydney, to offer a 4 day school week. Students can pursue employment opportunities, reduce travelling time or complete family commitments in 1 extra day per week while still receiving a full time education.

The College offers study in Years 10, 11, 12 and adult English classes. Sydney's only adult Intensive English Centre for students newly arrived in Australia who are 16 years of age or over is also located within the campus.

Bankstown Senior College is an excellent environment for people who are seeking an alternative to traditional schooling. Study occurs within an adult learning environment of no uniforms or bells, which supports individuality and independence. Quality lessons are taught by a highly motivated and experienced staff. Modern, well-equipped computer rooms, excellent library facilities, spacious grounds and a modern cafeteria with international food are only some of the facilities on offer.

BSC strives for academic excellence. It offers a wide range of HSC courses as well as vocational education and training courses. Each year students achieve outstanding HSC results despite many being in Australia a very short time. As well, there are many leadership opportunities provided at BSC. An active Student Representative Council, debating competitions and student-led assemblies all ensure students are promoted in this area.

Students in Year 10 classes have the opportunity to complete Stage 5 subjects as well as early access to Stage 6 VET courses, for example Hospitality, Construction or Business Services

The on-campus Intensive English Centre provides language support for newly arrived migrant students of post-compulsory school age to develop literacy and numeracy skills.

Adult English classes provide welcome opportunities for people wishing to improve English language skills through study for the Certificate of Spoken and Written English (CSWE).

BSC's ethnically diverse population is well supported through effective and proactive welfare support which links students to community based resources. Annual events include Harmony Day, Wellness Day, team building activities, culturally based morning teas, lunches and guest speakers.

It is presumed that students who enrol have made the decision to take responsibility for their own learning and have goals for their future. We realise that students who enrol at the College bring with them skills and knowledge gained formally or informally throughout their life experiences. These factors are taken into account by the teaching staff in their planning for the learning activities that will take place in their lessons. Staff understand that people learn in different ways and therefore require different methods of instruction to ensure learning takes place.

Your task now is to make some very important decisions. The course of study you choose as either a part-time or full-time student must be appropriate to your needs and your aptitude. Many students do not want, or are unable to gain entry into a University. However, many can find continuing education opportunities at a TAFE or through their place of employment. The courses that are offered at Bankstown Senior College reflect these facts. By seeking advice now and making the right subject choices from the start you will be providing yourself with a great advantage.

I would welcome the opportunity of meeting you in person after you enrol at the College. Please take the opportunity of coming to the Principal's office, so I can meet with you and officially welcome you to Bankstown Senior College.

I wish you well in this most important step you are taking which will be the beginning of a new future.

Anne Doyle