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Course: Physics 2 Unit

What will I be doing in this course?

The content of the Preliminary Course includes techniques and the technologies involved in communication, how electricity is used in the home, the physics of motion, and an introduction to astronomy and the ways in which satellites are used to study the earth. This course develops necessary skills in data acquisition and analysis, and an introduction to mathematical modelling.

The content of the HSC Course builds on the skills and knowledge developed in the Preliminary Course. The topics include a study of how people can work in space and the techniques of studying the solar system; a study of AC power and the use of generators and transformers; a study of topics from modern physics, including the development of cathode ray tubes, quantum mechanics and superconductors.

There will be one Option studied at the HSC level.

Career pathways?

Physics is an essential preparation for many science based university courses. Students interested in medicine, aviation, engineering and the defence forces should consider selecting this subject.

Students wishing to choose Physics should have a strong background in science and mathematics in Year 10. This is a demanding subject requiring a solid foundation in these disciplines, and a strong commitment to study.

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